Connie Chadwell

Junction, TX

Wherever there are people, there are subjects for my artwork. I have a lifelong fascination with the figure and never miss an opportunity to draw or paint from life. In the case of dancers and other "fast movers", I usually do quick gestures, then paint final versions from memory. Some of my best gesture drawings have been done on napkins in restaurants, bars and other places where people gather. My drawings have appeared in several of the North Light books, "Strokes of Genius, The Best of Drawing" including the issue scheduled for publication early in 2018; one of my portrait drawings appeared in the book, "Art Journey: Portraits and Figures". "The Artisan", a charcoal drawing from life, was a finalist in the cover competition of Drawing magazine in 2010. Another of my portraits was featured in the Drawing Portfolio in Southwest Art magazine in 2012. My artwork has won major awards in several regional and national shows and is included in private collections in the United States and many other countries.