Kristin Grevich

Medina, MN

As an artist I look for the big bold shapes, how the colors play against each other and how the light and shadows create the atmosphere of the painting. As a painter I want my work to be strong with lively brush work and color that will create interest to the viewer. I paint what I love and motivates me, the human figure, the emotion in a portrait, the adoring animals and nature. I am basically a self-taught artist but with-in the last few years I have taken workshops with Reid Galey, Greg Lipelt, Marc Hanson, Peggy Kroll Roberts, Kim English, C.W. Mundy, Carolyn Anderson, Huihan Lui and Jove Wang. I wanted to learn from working artists whose work, technique and skill I admired. In developing my paintings it is now my time to work on my own personal style and methods. I hope to have great fun painting and to challenge myself to progress to different levels.