How to join

  1. Paint very frequently

Daily painters paint every day, or at least most days :-) This doesn't mean that you have to paint small works or paint quickly, but it does mean that you need to be prolific.

This frequent practice, repeated for months and years, is how daily painters develop their outstanding talents.

  1. Blog about your work very frequently

Daily painting is only half of the work. The next step is to share your work on your blog. Start a blog, and update it regularly. Like almost every day.

Share what you're working on, and how you do your work. Share your inspirations and insights, struggles and triumphs, or whatever else comes to mind.

Above all else, be yourself. Use your blog to build a meaningful connection with art collectors and other artists.

  1. Stick with it!

Daily Painting is easy to start, but harder to keep going. You'll need to be willing to stick with it for many months and years if you expect to see real results. was the first gallery of daily painting artists, and some of our members have been doing daily paintings for over 10 years!

  1. Join the Daily Painters Gallery is a showcase for the most prolific, dedicated daily painting artists.

Once you have a well established painting and blogging habit, we welcome you to join our gallery.

Membership costs $39 per month, with no sales commissions or other fees. Please contact to apply